The Guthrie Family is home for Thanksgiving again, and at the Colonial

(Illustration above by Jesse Lefkowitz)

They are the first family of folk with deep Berkshire roots. With the holidays coming, it was not too big of a surprise when the Berkshire Theatre Group announced Arlo Guthrie and his family had reserved the Saturday before Thanksgiving for their annual appearance. The Guthrie Family Rides Again, which has been on the road, is coming home to The Colonial Theatre on Saturday, November 19 at 8pm.

“He’s becoming a beloved Thanksgiving tradition,” said Artistic Director and CEO Kate Maguire. “We are so fortunate to have Arlo return again to our Colonial, with the whole Guthrie family.” Like most Americans, the urge to return to their Berkshire farm, and their family roots, is strong. The family travels much of the year, and coming home to a dining room table piled high with some of their own produce makes the week around Thanksgiving especially nostalgic. Dad and Grandad Arlo had to give up the livestock when it became too much to properly maintain along with an intensive concert schedule.

Three generations take to the stage when the Guthries perform. Photo: Kay Wilson.

Tickets for the Guthrie concert are $15–$55 and VIP tickets are $65 (premium seating). Tickets may be purchased in person at the Colonial Ticket Office at 111 South Street or by calling (413) 997-4444 or online at The Ticket Office is open Monday–Friday 10am–5pm, Saturdays 10am–2pm or on any performance day from 10am until intermission.

A Legendary Family

Arlo Guthrie was born with a guitar in one hand and a harmonica in the other, the eldest son of America’s most beloved singer/writer Woody Guthrie, Arlo has made sure to pass on this passion for music to all the generations of Guthries that came after. Arlo Guthrie carries on the Guthrie Family legacy as he travels to communities far and wide sharing timeless stories and unforgettable classic tunes. A celebrated artist in American music, his artistic ventures help bridge an often-divided world through his powerful spirit of song. With songs like “Alice’s Restaurant,” “Coming into Los Angeles,” and “City of New Orleans,” Arlo’s music has proved itself sustainable throughout the years.

“The Guthrie Family Rides Again” brings his singular voice as both a singer-songwriter and social commentator to the stage alongside his beloved children and grandkids. This Family concert spotlights three generations of Guthries including Arlo’s son Abe, who has contributed keyboards and backing vocals to his father’s live shows since the ’80s. His daughters Cathy, Annie and Sarah Lee Guthrie, all of who have their own bustling music careers, will support by singing songs and accompanying on acoustic guitars. Even the youngest generation of Guthrie kids will join in the fun on select songs.

Like many great artists, in 1983, Guthrie created his own record label, Rising Son Records. In September 2009, Rising Son released its first vinyl, In Times Like These. A compelling collection of original songs and select American classics performed by Arlo and the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, In Times Like These marks the culmination of Arlo’s ambitious work with 27 different symphony orchestras and more than 40 live concerts. His show at Boston Symphony Hall, conducted by Keith Lockhart, was recorded and aired on PBS’s Evening at the Pops. In 2001, the Fourth of July celebration with the Pops was broadcasted live by A&E.

To commemorate Arlo and his family’s imprint on American culture and ongoing social and musical influence, the Guthrie Family was featured in Vanity Fair in November 2007, as part of the “Music Portfolio Series on Folk Legends,” a series featuring leaders in different musical genres. A legendary American folk music pioneer, Arlo Guthrie perseveres through the times leaving a lasting impression of hope and inspiration. The original Folk Family, the Guthries are guaranteed to entertain and enchant.

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