A different kind of poetry in motion as Gypsy Lane blends the arts with sexiness at Spice Dragon

Something for everyone.

Something for everyone.

Art Meets Cabaret and Burlesque, Gypsy Lane Stye

Expect provocative poetry and dazzling high kicks, sparky strips and seductive choreography, plus newly appointed Master of Ceremonies Jude Deen will keep the energy up — in more ways than one — and DJ Deify tantalizes eardrums with his aural pleasures. A Gypsy Layne first: Opening act-dysFUNKcrew sets the high-energy tone with inventive dance moves that blend elements of ballet, jazz, modern, step dancing, breaking, and hip-hop. You don’t want to miss this.

After sold-out stints in Vermont and Williamstown, the Gypsy Layne caravan is making its way back down to Spice Dragon in Pittsfield this May to culminate yet another stellar season.



New members, new numbers, and new surprises make the current state of affairs at Gypsy Layne Cabaret & Co. more exciting than ever, and their latest springtime show sizzles with the sophisticated sexiness and scorching wit that has established Gypsy Layne’s growing reputation in the Berkshires and beyond.

“Gypsy Layne has evolved into a true cabaret collective. Each show is a labor of love for us. And every Gypsy brings his or her own unique style and personality to the stage. Our individuality highlights the collaborative power of the ensemble—a reason why we resonate with audiences so well,” says Artistic Director Nicole Rizzo, a staple of the Berkshire dance, theater, and yoga community who established Gypsy Layne three years ago.

When: Saturday, May 11, 2013
Where: Spice Dragon, 297 North Street, Pittsfield
Doors open at 8 pm, show at 9 pm.
Tickets $20 cash at the door. Reservations encouraged at gypsylayne.com.

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