Aglet Theatre Company is moving from Sharon, CT to Sheffield, MA.


Aglet Theatre Company moving its base of operations to the Berkshires
by Larry Murray

Aglet Theatre Company, which has been based in Sharon, Connecticut, is picking up its props and scripts and moving to the Berkshires.

Not too long ago, the company performed at Berkshire Theatre Group’s Unicorn Theatre. In fact, Aglet had been the only company offering scheduled performances in the southern reaches of the Berkshires region during the fall and spring seasons, but as a renter, not as a resident company. Its leader, Macey Levin, is frequently part of local opening nights as he greets friends and colleagues and keeps up with the latest shows.

For those of us in the area, it is time to welcome a new company to our ranks as Levin announces the Aglet Theatre Company’s new venue at Dewey Hall, 91 Main St. (Route 7,) Sheffield, Massachusetts. The intimacy of this charming performance space will enhance Aglet’s unique theatre experience and its commitment to challenging works accompanied by complimentary wine and refreshments, good conversation and insightful discussions.

Aglet is returning to the Berkshires because of the large culturally-oriented population. In addition to the hope of enlarging our audience we are now privy to a larger talent pool. Though Sheffield may be a somewhat smaller community than Great Barrington it is a centralized location that can draw theatregoers from South County and Northern Litchfield with a populace that enjoys art in all its forms.” – Macey Levin

Founded nine years ago at Chaiwalla Tea House in Salisbury, Connecticut, Aglet was then invited to Bok Gallery in Sharon, CT where it has cultivated a solid and loyal audience.

Specializing in expertly interpreted and theatrically interesting staged readings, the play selection encompasses provocative works that are seldom done as well as new plays at which the author is in attendance to discuss the origin and effectiveness of the play.

The personnel from directors to actors to designers and technicians are all residents of the tri-state area who have a broad range of experience.

As the company moves and becomes accustomed to the new space at the warm and comfortable Dewey Hall, it will offer only three shows this year: two in the fall; one in the spring. This year’s shows are Collected Stories by Donald Margulies (September 20,) The Last Romance by Joe DiPietro (October 18,) and From Door to Door by James Sherman (April 25.) To introduce the company to Sheffield and environs, there is a special ticket offer for Collected Stories. Those who purchase one regular priced ticket at $25.00, can purchase a second ticket for only $12.00. Aglet will continue to do readings at The Moviehouse in Millerton, NY.

For further information write or call 860-435-6928 or go to

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