Beckett’s “Endgame” at Williams College ’62 Center’s CenterStage


editors_pickWilliamstown, MA – Williams College Theatre Department is proud to present Samuel Beckett’s Endgame. Written and first performed in 1957, Endgame was Beckett’s first play after he garnered international acclaim with Waiting for Godot four years earlier. Shorter and more theatrically compact than Godot, the play is set in a small bunker surrounded by a barren landscape: “there is no more nature.” Yet despite the desperate circumstances of its four trapped characters, Endgame retains the unique mixture of sharp humor and vivid characterization that marks all of Beckett’s plays. The combination of catastrophe and comedy, of bleak reality and sharp-edged wit, creates a theatrical tour de force that many claim to be the Nobel laureate’s true masterpiece. Thursday, March 10th to Saturday, March 12th, at 7:30 PM in the ’62 Center’s CenterStage, located at 1000 Main Street, in Williamstown, MA. Tickets are $3.

The production features senior Bailey Edwards, juniors Jackson Zerkle and Michael Tcherepashenets, and sophomore Evelyn Mahon. Directed by Professor of Theatre Robert Baker-White and designed by Professors David Gürçay-Morris (Set), Deborah Brothers (Costumes), and Natalie Robin (Lighting).

HAMM: In my house.
One day you’ll be blind, like me. You’ll be sitting there, a speck in the void, in the dark, for ever, like me.
One day you’ll say to yourself, I’m tired, I’ll sit down, and you’ll go and sit down. Then you’ll say, I’m hungry, I’ll get up and get something to eat. But you won’t get up. You’ll say, I shouldn’t have sat down, but since I have I’ll sit on a little longer, then I’ll get up and get something to eat. But you won’t get up and you won’t get anything to eat.
You’ll look at the wall a while, then you’ll say, I’ll close my eyes, perhaps have a little sleep, after that I’ll feel better, and you’ll close them. And when you open them again there’ll be no wall any more.
Infinite emptiness will be all around you, all the resurrected dead of all the ages wouldn’t fill it, and there you’ll be like a little bit of grit in the middle of the steppe.
Yes, one day you’ll know what it is, you’ll be like me, except that you won’t have anyone with you, because you won’t have had pity on anyone and because there won’t be anyone left to have pity on.
(pause.)” ― Samuel Beckett, Endgame

The Department of Theatre works to develop in each student an understanding of theatre that is both broad and deep. Through creative expression and critical study, we challenge students to engage both contemporary and historical modes of performance. Theatre students make artworks through design, acting, directing, and dramaturgy. They are encouraged to experiment, to risk, and to make bold choices. Working collaboratively with faculty and guest artists, students integrate intellectual, physical, and emotional responses into an array of live performances each academic year.

For tickets, visit the Williams ’62 Center Box Office Tues-Sat, 1-5 pm or call (413) 597-2425. For more information, please visit

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