A near accident, family secrets and old wounds get opened in “Visiting Mr. Green” at Aglet Theatre

Aglet Theatre Company presents its second staged reading of the spring season – Visiting Mr. Green by Jeff Baron. The reading will take place Saturday, May 7, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in Dewey Memorial Hall, 91 Main St. (Route 7,) Sheffield, Massachusetts.

The play relates the story of a Mr. Green, an elderly Jewish recluse, who is almost hit by a car driven by young corporate executive Ross Gardiner. Found guilty of reckless driving, Ross is ordered to make weekly visits to Mr. Green for the next six months. What starts as a comedy about two people who resent being in the same room together develops into a touching drama, as family secrets are revealed and old wounds are opened.

Visiting Mr. Green has been performed and won countless accolades in Japan, Croatia, Mexico, Greece, France, Brazil and many other countries, always in the native language. Playwright Jeff Baron says, “… one of the truly surprising things for me was seeing that the play feels exactly the same wherever it plays. Whatever cultural differences exist between those of us in North America and people in Europe, Asia or South America, our human similarities are much, much stronger. Families are the same everywhere. Everyone knows someone like Mr. Green and everyone knows someone like Ross. Their specific characteristics make the story interesting, but their human-ness and the struggles they’re each going through, make the play personal for almost everyone.”

According to Aglet’s Artistic Director Macey Levin, “This play is truly universal. Jewish and non-Jewish audiences alike will find this a compelling piece. It has all the right ingredients for a great night out at the theatre, it will make you laugh, it will make you think and it will also touch your heart.”

Levin who lives in Taconic, Connecticut joins Christopher Michael Vecchia of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Both appeared together in Aglet’s Mass Appeal. Visiting Mr. Green is directed by Artistic Associate Thomas Gruenewald. A discussion follows the reading which will be led by Gloria Miller, an Aglet co-founder and Associate Artistic Director.

Visiting Mr. Green will be presented at Aglet’s home in Dewey Memorial Hall in Sheffield, Massachusetts. Doors open at 7:00 for complimentary beverages and refreshments. Tickets are $25.00; $20.00 for students under 18. For tickets call 860-435-6928 or write to aglettheatre@comcast.net.

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