A hearty round of applause for the Berkshire Carousel, now open to all

(Updated 7/2/16)   For theatre folk, the very word carousel brings glorious memories to mind. Not just the musical by the same name, or the Jacques Brel song (which also includes cotton candy) but the metaphor it has long inspired of life going round and round. As Dick Lindsey notes in his Berkshire Eagle story, “Brewster, Charlie and Thunderbolt are saddled up to give children of all ages a ride of their lives.”

Opening this morning at the corner of South Church and Center Streets in Pittsfield (not far from the Big Y on West Street), the carousel is the passion of Jim and Jackie Shulman and their legions of volunteers who have spent years making their dream a reality. There is a welcome story in the Berkshire Eagle, but skip most of the comments where the ignorati continue to take potshots at any progress in our beloved little haven.

Tokens to ride the Berkshire Carousel are $2, and this July 4 weekend they are operating – more or less – from noon to 6pm each day.

The Carousel deserves more than a hearty round of applause. It needs you to go for a ride and enjoy it first hand. Look for me there! (LM)

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