Douglass Truth invites you to spend “An Intimate Evening with Death, Herself”

Douglass Truth

Douglass Truth

Douglass Truth, a well-known painter, performer and former Berkshires resident who was the first artist to join Pittsfield’s Storefront Artist Project, returns to the Berkshires this month for an art show and series of performances at The Dreamaway Lodge in Becket MA.

“An Intimate Evening with Death, Herself” is a 90-minute one-woman show about a middle-aged waitress who meets Death in a bar, and 49 days later, replaces him. Douglass Truth is Dorothy, a meatloaf-phobic waitress. She goes to a bar after a bad day on the cafeteria line and meets Tod, who turns out to be the Grim Reaper. In the course of an understated, unpretentious, poignant and tender, droll and massively ambitious performance, Dorothy helps her audience relate to death without flinching and with abundant amusement.

“An Intimate Evening with Death, Herself” will be performed Sunday September 25 at 8pm, at The Dreamaway Lodge, in Becket, Mass. There will be a tip jar available for donations to support Dorothy’s work.

The show was first performed at the Dream Away Lodge in Becket in 2005. On this East Coast tour Truth has performed the show at Lauren Clark Fine Art in Gt. Barrington, the Rosendale Theatre in Rosendale NY, and at the United Solo Theater Festival. He’s performed the show over seventy-five times around the country to great acclaim, including at Fringe Festivals in Chicago, Boulder, Colorado, and Grass Valley, California. Attendees have called him “the love-child of Eddie Izzard and Lily Tomlin” and “funny, engrossing, heretical, beautiful.” Others noted, “So glad I was able to witness this amazingly hilarious, poignant, insightful performance. Who knew that Death Herself would turn out to be so life-affirming?”

“Funny, creative, fresh, and poignant; a brilliant show, entertaining start to finish. A wonderful message without being preachy. Doug has a gift to both entertain and provoke thoughtful introspection.” said David Swetman, former chaplain of Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in California.

Douglass Truth lived in the Berkshires, primarily Pittsfield for almost a decade, from 2001 to 2009, and was an active participant in the Storefront Artist Project and the creative life of Pittsfield and the Berkshires. His large, colorful paintings are also on display at Lauren Clark Fine Art during August.

For more information about Douglass Truth’s artwork, books, and performances visit

“An Intimate Evening with Death, Herself”
Sunday September 25 8pm
The show is by donation.


I never met a color I didn’t like” – Douglass Truth

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