Free Home Movie Day at Images Cinema, starring your home movies


As part of its ongoing celebration of its 100th anniversary, Images Cinema will be part of the 14th annual Home Movie Day. An international event coordinated by the Center for Home Movies, Home Movie Day will take place at Images on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 4:30pm. Admission is free, and community members are encouraged to bring in and share their own home movies with the audience.

Working in collaboration with Emmy Award-winning archival researcher/archival producer Rich Remsberg, Images Cinema will screen home movies from the community on the big screen. People can drop off their home movies at Images Cinema prior to October 15th, or they can bring their films the day of the show. Supported formats will include 16mm, 8mm and super 8.

“Movies can be such an important part of people’s personal histories. We see that in their relationship with Images as a theater, and we see it in the memories they themselves chose to capture on film and videotape,” said Doug Jones, Executive Director of Images Cinema. “From vacations to birthday parties, town events to historical moments, there are real treasures to be found in the back of closets and hidden away up in attics.”

On Home Movie Day, people can bring their films to Images Cinema. The organizers will inspect the films and, if they are in acceptable condition, project them. Afterwards, films will be returned to their owners or can be left with the theater, which will in turn donate them to an appropriate film archive.

Discussion about the films and what’s captured on them will be open and encouraged. These films are often a valuable record of the past, capturing both personal and community history and serving as a wonderful starting point for memories and stories.

Home Movie Day is an annual initiative of the Center for Home Movies. It is being produced locally by Images Cinema.

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