At Ventfort Hall: a pre-election day Tea and Talk about Susan B. Anthony

On Saturday November 5, 2016, Colleen Janz, Executive Director of the Susan B. Anthony Museum in Adams, MA, will guide us through the fears held by many women regarding the vote and its effect on the woman’s role in the family unit, as well as in society. Did you know that when Susan B Anthony was trying to get women a say in government, there were more women who called themselves Anti-suffragists than women who were Suffragists? This presentation talks about what Susan B Anthony had to overcome to change the mindset of so many, including women, in order to have a vote.

The presentation will talk about the fears held by many women regarding the vote and its effect on the woman’s role in the family unit, as well as, in society. Overcoming social norms and etiquette would prove to be a burden on the earlier Suffragists. Women were considered property during Susan B. Anthony’s lifetime and many could not see themselves in any other role except as wife and mother.

Postcards were the social media of the time, and were used as the propaganda to influence many women to stay in the home and leave politics to the men. Bloomers and pantalets were seen as improper and a definite sign that the woman wearing them was a troublesome Suffragist. Riding bicycles was also a cause for whispers around town.

If the battle to influence women to think of themselves as equals wasn’t enough, the Suffragists needed to also convince men that they themselves could understand and comprehend politics and government. For Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the latter was easier than convincing the women!

Tickets for the 3:00pm Tea & Talk at Ventfort Hall on November 5, 2016 are $24 for advance reservations and $29 day of the event. Reservations are highly recommended as seating is limited. For information or reservations call Ventfort Hall at 413-637-3206 or visit The historical mansion is located at 104 Walker Street in Lenox.

An Official Project of Save America’s Treasures program sponsored by The White House, Ventfort Hall Mansion and Gilded Age Museum, built in 1893, offers daily tours of the historic mansion, as well as Tea & Talks, such exhibitions as the Bellefontaine Collection, concerts, theater, and other programs. This elegant Jacobean-Revival Berkshire “cottage,” listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is open to the public year round and is available for private rental. Sarah Morgan was the sister of financier J. P. Morgan. Ventfort Hall has undergone substantial restoration, which continues.

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