Auditions, Schenectady Civic Players “The Curious Savage”

curious2-200x200The Curious Savage
By John Patrick
Directed by Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Schenectady Civic Players Auditions:
February 21st and 23rd
at the Schenectady Civic Playhouse
12 South Church Street, Schenectady NY 12305
Sign ups at 7:00pm.
Readings start at 7:30pm.

Performance Dates:
May 5-7 and 10-14, 2017
Fri & Sat @ 8:00 PM / Wed & Thu @ 7:30 PM / Sun @ 2:30 PM

No monologues required. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.


Set in the 1950’s, Mrs. Savage has been left ten million dollars by her husband and wants to make the best of it, in spite of her step-children’s efforts to have her committed to bring her to her senses and thus gain access to her fortune. The dominant mood is high comedy, and the audience is left with a feeling that the neglected virtues of kindness and affection have not been entirely lost in a world that seems at times motivated only by greed and dishonesty.


The Residents:

Florence Williams: The elegant “mother” of The Cloisters, she believes she has a five-year-old son named John Thomas.

Fairy May: (20’s) Fairy is a childlike, compulsive liar who is obsessed with having others love her. She believes herself to be stunningly beautiful.

Jeffrey: (20’s-40’s) Once a military pilot, Jeff was shot down in the war, surviving a crash that killed all his men. He now believes that he has a scar on his face, which he constantly hides from others.

Hannibal: (20’s-40’s) Hannibal, once a statistician, was fired and replaced by an electronic calculator. He has then taken up the violin, which he wrongly believes he can play beautifully. He is a kind man with a vast array of knowledge stored in in his sometimes sarcastic head.

Mrs. Paddy: (30’s-50’s) Mrs. Paddy paints with the quality of Hannibal’s violin playing. Her main lines are lists of random things she hates, strung together loosely alphabetically.

The Savages:

Mrs. Ethel P. Savage: Referred to as “Mrs. Savage” for the majority of the play, she is a witty, kindhearted, woman with a shifted viewpoint of humanity.

Titus: He is the eldest step-son of Mrs.Savage. He is sober, humorless, and direct. Titus also has a temper that tends to come out most when dealing with his mother.

Lily Belle: The middle step-child. A celebrity heiress, she is arrogant, chic, and self-assured.

Samuel: The youngest step child of Ethel. He walks in the shadows of his siblings, offering a sassy, short comment every once in a while, only to be shot down.

The Staff:

Dr. Emmett: The staff doctor for this wing of The Cloisters, Dr. Emmett is kind, warmhearted, and he works hard to help his patients.

Miss “Willie” Wilhelmina: Miss Willie is an administrative assistant and nurse. She is extremely kind and understanding towards all the residents of The Cloisters.

Contact the director with any questions at, visit our Website or see the Facebook event.

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