Submissions Sought for One-Act Play Festival at Sand Lake Center for the Arts


Playwrights are invited to submit plays of 15 minutes or less for consideration for inclusion in the Sand Lake Center for the Arts One-Act Play Festival. The submission period ends May 1, 2017. All plays will be TANYS adjudicated, and monetary prizes of $100, $75 and $50 awarded to the three adjudicated as best written.

AND, here’s the challenge. Plays must have some connection with the prompt “COLD”.  It can be a theme, a characterization or simply a word-cold heart, cold day in hell, cold shoulder, cold war, someone suffering from a cold, a woman putting on cold cream-or you may have a play that just mentions, “It’s cold outside”.  Be as creative and as clever as you want.


Playwrights may submit a maximum of two plays.  Plays may be submitted
electronically to .

Please include two attachments.  One will be your cover letter which will include
your contact information, the title and a brief synopsis of the play.  The
other attachment will be the play itself with NO contact information
included except title.

Please submit play(s) in Standard American Play Format. If you’re unfamiliar with this, there are many internet sites to help you. One would be

If you are submitting electronically you should receive a confirmation received email, if you are submitting a hard copy, you may send it to SLCA-CTP, PO Box 179, Averill
Park, NY 12018.  Again, please include a separate cover letter.

Plays should be able to be staged with MINIMAL SET.  The Sand Lake Center
for the Arts has a number of black boxes, and you might consider submitting
a play that could be staged with only these.  Any play with an elaborate set
will be disqualified.

Plays should be able to be performed in 15 minutes or less.

Contact producer, at if you have questions.

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