NYC Reviews of “Kunstler”


Barrington Stage Company is opening their 2017 with this production of Kunstler by Jeffrey Sweet, starring Jeff McCarthy and directed by Meagen Fay, on their St. Germain Stage May 18-June 10. Meantime the production is up and running at the 59E59 Theaters in New York City through March 12, presented by Saratoga Springs-based The Creative Place International in association with AND Theatre Company will post links to reviews here. If you would know of a link that should be included, please e-mail us at Review by Carol Di Tosti

“I cannot praise this production enough. It is a walk through history that evokes today’s political and social climate. McCarthy gives us an incredible encounter with a monumental human being. Those who have known Kunstler up close would be satisfied.”

Talkin’ Broadway Review by Howard Miller


Jeff McCarthy and Nambi E. Kelly in “Kunstler.” Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.

“Under Meagen Fay’s direction, the production is a lively exploration of the celebrated lawyer, who is making what would turn out to be a final victory lap not long before his death. Jeff McCarthy, who has played the title role before, seems to be having a fine old time as Kunstler as he struts about the stage, punctuating his remarks with jokes (“What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 70? Answer: Your honor”), and taking jabs at his old enemies…”

Theatre Pizzazz Review by Beatrice Williams-Rude


Jeff McCarthy as William Moses Kunstler. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.

“Quick! Don’t dally!! Race to get tickets for Kunstler, the splendid play by Jeffrey Sweet featuring a dazzling, the-sky’s-the-limit performance by Jeff McCarthy as the larger-than-life lawyer seen by many as the defender of the faith–faith in the Constitution.”

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