Not So Common Players Auditions for “Fiddler on the Roof”


Not So Common Players

Auditions for July production of Fiddler on the Roof

Director: Marc de la Concha
Musical Director: Adrienne Sherman
Producer: Amy Clark

Performance Dates : July 14, 16 and 20-23

Performances will be outdoors on the Clifton Park Commons Stage

Audition Information :

WHEN: Tuesday April 11th and Thursday April 13th (Sign in will be at 6:30 pm, Auditions begin at 7 pm)

WHERE: Village Plaza Shopping Center: 19 Clifton Country Road, Clifton Park (2 doors down from Toys R Us)

Callbacks are scheduled for Saturday, April 15th from 11 am-2 pm

Please prepare 16 bars of a musical theatre song in the style of the show. Bring sheet music in the appropriate key. An accompanist will be provided. No a capella singing please.

Singing auditions will be followed by readings from the script and a dance combination.

Rehearsals are tentatively scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7-10 pm and Sunday from 2-5 pm. Other dates may be considered based on conflicts. Please come with a complete list of conflicts to auditions.

Attendance is Mandatory for all Tech Week rehearsals July 9-13.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Marc de la Concha (Director) at or Amy Clark (Producer).

Below is a breakdown of the characters.

Please Note: The age ranges for each individual character should serve as a guideline and not a requirement. Adults and children are encouraged to audition

Tevye: The likeable, hardworking,

pious dairyman who always tries to see the positive side of life. He is a proud patriarch and

father of five daughters, closely raised according to the old scriptures. Age:45 to 60.

Golde: Tevye’s strongwilled

wife who wishes for her daughters to have good husbands and live easier than she and Tevye.

Age:40 to 50.

Tzeitel: Tevye’s eldest daughter, who is madly in love with Motel. She is loyal to her family but typically challenges the town’s

traditions. Age:18 to 25.

Hodel: Tevye’s second eldest daughter, who becomes involved with Perchik. She eventually leaves Anatevka to join Perchik in

Siberia. Age:18 to 23.

Chava: Tevye’s middle daughter who loves to read. Falls in love and runs off with Fydeka, a Russian soldier. Age:15 to 20.

Shprintze: Tevye’s fourth eldest daughter who takes lessons at home from Perchik. Age:9 to 13.

Bielke: Tevye’s youngest daughter. Takes lessons at home from Perchik. Age:8 to 12.

Yente: The meddling matchmaker. She is a widow and village busybody who knows all of the town gossip. Age:50 to 60.

Motel: A poor and meek tailor who shares a deep love with Tzeitel. Sensitive and nervous, but sincere and friendly. Age:18 to 25.

Perchik: The outspoken student and visitor to Anatevka, who constantly challenges the traditions of the town. He eventually falls

in love with Hodel. Age:20 to 30.

Lazar Wolf: The feisty, brawny butcher and the town’s wealthiest citizen who wishes to marry Tzeitel. Age:40 to 50.

Avram: Runs the local bookshop and keeps the town advised of all the news in the area. Age:30 to 50.

Mordcha: The Innkeeper. Age:30 to 50.

Rabbi: Anatevka’s Jewish spiritual leader. Age:50 to 60.

Mendel: The Rabbi’s son. Age:18 to 23.

Yussel: A Hatter. Age:30 to 50.

Nachum: A Beggar. Age:30 to 50.

Shaindel: Motel’s Mother. Age:40 to 50.

Grandma Tzeitel: Golde’s deceased grandmother, who endorses the marriage between Tzeitel and Motel. Age:60 to 75.


Lazar Wolf’s deceased first wife. She becomes enraged when her husband plans to wed Tzeitel. Age:35 to 45.

Constable: Russian military official stationed near Anatevka who knows the villagers well, however he has superficial

relationships with the villagers. Age:35 to 45.

Fyedka: A strong, young Russian soldier who sees past his military obligations and falls in love with Chava. He challenges

Tevye’s imposed silence. Age:20 to 25.

Sasha: Fyedka’s friend. Age:20 to 25.

The Fiddler: A symbol of tradition and balance in a changing world.

Ensemble: Additional Villagers, Bottle Dancers, Russian Soldiers, etc.

OFFICIAL Audition Announcement

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