MCLA’s Harlequin Presents “Young Frankenstein”


MCLA‘s Harlequin Musical Theatre Club presents The New Mel Brooks Musical: Young Frankenstein!

Frederick Frankenstein, grandson of the infamous Victor Von Frankenstein, inherits the family’s estate when Victor passes away. At first, Frederick wants no part in being apart of his families legacy of creating monsters, but with the help of his friends Igor, Inga and Frau Blucher he soon changes his mind. Come see Frederick’s master plan played out on March 24th @ 8pm and March 25th @ 2pm & 8pm! Performances will be help on the MCLA campus in the Church Street Center Social Hall. All proceeds will be donated to Barrington Stage Company‘s Playwright Mentoring Project (PMP).

Tickets are $2 for MCLA students and $4 for general admission.
Show dates are March 24th at 8PM and March 25th at 2PM and 8PM in the Church Street Center Social Hall!

Tickets are avaiable at our ticketleap site or at the door!

2 thoughts on “MCLA’s Harlequin Presents “Young Frankenstein”

  1. Why is it that “New” is traditionally added to the title of plays and musicals, even after several years? Is there a number of years after which the “New” gets dropped? It’s always bugged me. Opening Sunday: Hamlet, a new play by Williams Shakespeare.

    We had a nice conversation about Larry at Rainbow Seniors yesterday. I was a highly valued member and a good friend to many of the seniors.


    • I agree with you, Ed. Everything old is new again…and again and again and again. But I don’t edit folks’ press releases too heavily. Just heard from Bryan Marquand at the Globe that he’s hoping to run Larry’s obit in that paper this Sunday – apparently he got bumped by Chuck Berry and a college president last week!

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