Sage Senior Project Seeking Ensemble Members

Casting Call: Casting six-eight young actors to perform as ensemble members in a senior
Location: Russell Sage College
Casting through April 1
Performance Date: April 23rd 2pm
First Rehearsal: March 25th 6pm

Tech: April 18th
Invited Dress: April 19th
A complete rehearsal schedule is available upon request


Senior theatre majors are asked to create a show that is a culmination of
their four years in college as a showcase of their development. Everyone’s
story is different, but for a women of color this story can  be
particularly unique. SeniorMorgan Heyward decided to write a piece that shares all the fun,
sadness and lessons that come along with being a person of color in
college. The piece is a work in progress project that is meant to inspire,
enlighten and encourage college students from all walks of life. This is in
not a finished piece, each rehearsal will be used to find something
new.The ensemble is meant to set the scene, raise the stakes, and heighten
the mood. Seeking people with lots of ideas who enjoy working in a

In an effort to build a diverse cast, seeking the following :

1. Two women of color
2. Two caucasian women
3. Two men of color
4. Two caucasian men


1. The desire to work with a team to devise an original piece of work
2. A personal connections or story that is relevant to the work that I am
attempting to do
3. Reliable Transportation
4. 2 to 3 days a week to commit to rehearsing in the evening

*Experience optional

(518) 708-3159

Please feel free to contact me with any questions comments or concerns. I
will be casting through Saturday April 1st.

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