Noodle Pudding Players Auditions for “A Feminine Ending”

Noodle Pudding Players at Ohav Shalom on Krumkill Road in Albany is auditioning for the following roles in Sarah Treem’s A Feminine Ending reading from the script will be on April 25 at 7:00. Audition conflicts – please contact Michelle Sanders, director at

Production is June 25 (2 shows ) – June 28

Casting Roles for the following:

Amanda Blue – composer / artist (20’s) finding her creative voice in a still male dominated society

Jack – Amanda’s fianc?e – up and coming pop star – Amanda’s position in his life grows uncertain the more famous he becomes(20’s)

Billy – Amanda’s high school boyfriend – she reconnects with him on a trip home – was she right to walk away?(20’s)

Amanda’s mother and father- (50-60) – estranged from each other but each has special relationship to Amanda.

Also looking for a stage manager available June – please email me for more info if interested

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