Director & Cast Sought for New Play with Music at Union College

As a spin-off of the Harriett Tubman Concert in May, a two-act “play for voices” which explores the plight of the four million freed slaves after the Civil War and the passing of the 13th Amendment has been written. All of the play’s characters are real people from history who graduated from Union College or were affiliated with the college; the drama takes place in 1866 on the grounds of Union and is narrated by Dr. Nott. The play is
called We All Become Brothers and Sisters.

First our on list of production duties is finding a director.

features-urania-painting-fl14Second is casting – the play requires eight characters, one woman (Mrs.Urania Nott, age 60) and seven men ages 37 to 92.

Regarding the time commitment, so far one performance is planned which would require two or three rehearsals. And since this play will be done as reader’s theater, memorization of lines is unnecessary.

Regarding a director’s and actor’s fee, we are asking for *pro bono* work. All of the parties involved, including yours truly, are donating their time to the production.

We are shooting for a June performance.

Thank you! Please e-mail with your expressed interest.

James Gonda

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