Town Players Presents Staged Reading of “Kindred Spirits”

Town Players of Pittsfield presents, in its 97th Season, a staged reading of “Kindred Spirits” by Rick Whelen.  

“Kindred Spirits” tells the story of a local New England newspaper, The Moseby Spirit, struggling to stay relevant in a rapidly changing media landscape. Rose Dwyer, editor for the Spirit, must come to grips with her beloved newspaper being bought out by a large investment firm. Matters only get stranger when the ghost of Charlie Treadwell, the founder of The Moseby Spirit and Rose’s former lover, returns to the newsroom. This piece explores the struggles and successes of the reporters behind our news.

KS PP.jpg

The cast of “Kindred Spirits.”

Directed by Dylan A. Turner, the cast features Diana B. Feld, Scott Luscier, Joe Gerard, Melanie Rivers, Lara Siegel Denmark, Kierstin Valenti, Bret Bishoff, and Ruth LaRagione.

This staged reading will be performed Sunday, August 27th at 2 pn, at the air-conditioned Whitney Center for the Arts. Admission is $5.

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