Aglet Theatre Announces Auditions for Staged Readings

Aglet Theatre announces auditions for staged readings of No Exit by Jean-Paul Satre and The Cocktail Hour by A. R. Gurney.

September 5 at 6 pm

at Dewey Memorial Hall, 91 Main Street (Rt. 7), Sheffield, MA

Call 860-435-6928 or write for an audition appointment.

Sides will be provided

These are staged readings

There is a stipend

by Jean-Paul Sartre
A play in one act adapted from the French by Paul Bowles

Directed by Thomas Gruenewald
Performance Dates:  October 7 at 2 & 7:30 pm (Dewey Hall, Sheffield MA)

The action takes place in Hell: a windowless room with one door.

Garcin, a male journalist-writer, (over 40)
The Valet, an insolent employee, any age, any gender
Inez, a postal clerk, lesbian (over 30)
Estelle, a young (under 30), attractive married socialite

The ages of the characters will be determined by the actors available. No restrictions on race and ethnicity. All are intelligent and articulate.

The Stuart Gilbert translation is available at many libraries and in book stores. The Paul Bowles translation will be available for perusal at the audition.

by A.R. Gurney

Directed by Macey Levin
Performance Dates: November 4 at 2 & 7:30 pm (Dewey Hall, Sheffield, MA)

John, a playwright, returns to his family’s house bringing with him a new play in which they are his central characters. He wishes to receive their approval to continue with the production, but his affluent, very prim parents are uncooperative from the outset.  During the ritual of the cocktail hour the martinis fly as do the criticisms and revelations, both funny and moving.

Bradley (Father) – seventies, affluent, patrician, very WASPY
Ann (Mother) has been cast
John  (son) – early forties, conflicted, unhappy
Nina (Daughter) – mid-forties, the older sister, “perfect daughter, protective of parents

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